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DevOps Paradox

Apr 29, 2020

#53: Recently, the governor of New Jersey made a plea for COBOL programmers to help maintain the state's unemployment system. In this episode, we discuss the ramifications of not taking the maintenance of your systems seriously.


Apr 22, 2020

#52: It's not uncommon to see software vendors bashing competitor's products. Recently, Viktor had this happen to the product that he manages. This episode is about what happens next and how you should react if it ever happens to you.




Books and...

Apr 15, 2020

#51: After a short Twitter fight with Viktor, we asked Ádám Sándor to join us to discuss his position that Kubernetes is not too hard for developers to learn.


Ádám's contact information:



Apr 8, 2020

#50: For our 50th episode, we talk with the godfather of Patrick Debois. We talk about many things ranging from DevOps in a fully remote environment to the Muppets.


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Apr 1, 2020

#49: Amid the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses have implemented their business continuity plans. Part of those plans include remote work. Today, we talk about both of our experiences with remote work and what are the chances are that remote work will become the new normal for knowledge workers.