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DevOps Paradox

Mar 31, 2021

#101: What happens when you're doing a demo and your technology fails? You can get angry and write a blog post that goes viral. Today, we speak with Nicolas Frankel about his move from minikube to Kind, how Gradle is no better than Ant, and how the conference circuit is not meant for people that only want to work from 9...

Mar 24, 2021

#100: In our 100th episode, we bring back Patrick Debois, the GodFather of DevOps (at least we think so), as our "divide by 50" guest. In very Patrick fashion, he turns the tables on us and we go down a number of paths that we didn't see coming.


Patrick's info:



Mar 17, 2021

#99: In the nineties and early 2000s, it wasn't strange to see operations people copy and pasting "code" from Word documents, also known as runbooks, into their terminals to get their job done. It's now 2021 and we still have people questioning whether or not they should be writing code to do their work.



Mar 10, 2021

#98: How many times have you been put into the situation to debug a production issue and you have no idea where to start? Probably more than you can count. Worse yet, your employer expects that you can troubleshoot the issue without having access to all the tools that you need. Today we speak with Itiel Shwartz, CTO...

Mar 3, 2021

#97: A chess player knows to write down their moves so they can replay their matches and learn from them. Having the ability to replay those matches also gives you the ability to start over and see where something goes wrong. In today's episode, we speak with Viktor (Vik) Gamov about Apache Kafka and how it can help...