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DevOps Paradox

Jun 26, 2019

#9: Why are people scared of continuous deployment? Can everyone get to true continuous deployment? Darin and Viktor discuss these question as well as why delayed is sometime perceived as continuous.

DevOps Paradox by Viktor Farcic:

The DevOps 2.6 Toolkit: Jenkins...

Jun 19, 2019

#8: You understand the impact that feature flags have on continuous delivery. However, have you thought about how refactoring should also be a part of your day to day life?

Refactoring by Martin Fowler


Jun 12, 2019

#7: It seems like Continuous Integration should be a simple and non-negotiable process in today's workplace. We discover that not everything is as it appears.

DevOps Paradox by Viktor Farcic:

The DevOps 2.6 Toolkit: Jenkins X by Viktor Farcic:

Jun 5, 2019

#6: Matt Klein recently tweeted his career advice to be a successful individual contributor. We take an in depth look at that concept in today's episode.

Link to Matt's Twitter thread:

The Proximity Principle by Ken Coleman: