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DevOps Paradox

Feb 24, 2021

#96: With the advent of software like Crossplane, we are beginning to see the Kubernetes API coming more to the forefront. In today's episode, we attempt to tackle why it appears that events are still not completely understood.





Feb 17, 2021

#95: You would think in 2021, we still wouldn't be having this conversation. However, it happens everyday. Should everything be automated? You might surprised at our answer.




YouTube channel:

Feb 10, 2021

#94: Some people like reading text. Some people like watching videos. Which one are you when it comes to learning and building your skillset? Today, we talk about what we like as both producers and consumers of content.



Feb 3, 2021

#93: Many times, probably most, people don't leave your company only for more money. There's usually more to it than that. Today we discuss different things that a company can do to keep people from leaving that normally would.