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DevOps Paradox

Dec 30, 2020

#88: 2020 was quite a year. Your year may have been great or it may have been horrible. Hopefully it trended towards great, even if did not live up to your expectations. In today's episode, we look back over some of the items that we encountered and that you probably did too.



Dec 23, 2020

#87: This is a little different episode. With it being Christmas week, Darin and Viktor take a step back and think about all the things that they are grateful for in this crazy year that is 2020.




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Dec 16, 2020

#86: Just because you are running your application on Kubernetes, that doesn't mean it was simple to get to that outcome. Today, we speak with Alan Barr about how his company is trying to not only make Kubernetes operationally simple, but also how it is important to also make it simple for application developers...

Dec 9, 2020

#85: It's simple to quantify the hard costs of DevOps. Labor. Hardware. Software. However, it's a lot harder to calculate the hidden costs of DevOps. Today we talk with Yuval Oren about what he is seeing in the industry and how technical debt may be the answer to your problems.


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Dec 2, 2020

#84: In these times, everyone is familiar with Slack and Microsoft Teams. However, there are other companies that offer similar solutions. Today, we talk with PJ Hagerty from Mattermost and find out how Mattermost sets itself apart from its competitors.


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